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13 jun. 2018 12:39
This has been my favorite topic of interest over the last couple of years! Have you ever heard about it? It’s a pretty interesting idea. Let’s start with this question; How often do you find yourself, I don’t know let’s say taking a shower and thinking about something like the meeting that’s coming up that day, what you are going to cook for dinner that night, what you said yesterday, and on and on we could go? Scientists have shown that we often spend more than 47% of our time not in the here and now. Pretty incredible isn’t it? In 2015 I attended an amazing conference in San Francisco, called Wisdom 2.0. Connecting technology and mindfulness, where I learned more about this way of life. My favorite definition on Mindfulness is; paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, non-judgmentally with kindness, I came up with this definition thanks to Jon Kabat-Zinn the person who began this movement, as well as, more recently a talk on Ted Talks by Shauna Shapiro.
8 feb. 2017 12:19
So hello and welcome to our first Blog of our career and of the year. I hope this will be the first of many to come. The idea of blogging will be to provide our students with another resource for improving their English comprehension skills, along with vocabulary building. I have wanted to start this Blog since January 1st, but well as the saying goes; “if it wasn’t one thing it was another” OR “better late than never.”
25 jul. 2016 16:30
La pronunciación es algo que como ESL Students siempre nos preocupa y nos ocupa. A algunos nos da pena hablar porque pensamos que pronunciamos mal o porque no nos van a entender, pero ¿adivina qué? ¡No eres tú, somos todos!
25 jul. 2016 12:00
We use comparatives to compare one person or thing with one other person or thing. We use superlatives to compare one person or thing with many other people or things. My colleague Sean says "It's easy - when you compare it's comparatives (better than/more interesting than etc); when it's super duper it's superlatives (the best / the most interesting!)..."

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