Month: June 2018

Help Others

COMPASSION, KINDNESS, SMILE, LOVE AND BE LIGHT!! “There are just those special people that just come in and leave footprints forever, and she did that to everybody.” Said by; Blake Densmore I chose this quote to start this blog because it really caught my attention, and lately I have been trying to leave as many …

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The World Cup

Hi everyone and welcome to Blog week 2. Did you give any thought to MINDFULNESS? So of course being the soccer lover that I am I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by, especially since Mexico beat Germany this past Sunday 1-0, WOW!!! And to top it all off on father’s day, a super gift …

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This has been my favorite topic of interest over the last couple of years! Have you ever heard about it? It’s a pretty interesting idea. Let’s start with this question; How often do you find yourself, I don’t know let’s say taking a shower and thinking about something like the meeting that’s coming up that …

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