A Love for Reading, A Love for Learning

READING….just this word in itself warms my heart and makes me smile. I myself have had a love for reading since an early age. I can’t really remember how I got interested in my very first book, but I do remember the infamous “Sweet Valley High” series I read as a young teenager. As an adolescent and teenager books were a fantastic way for me to escape and enjoy reading about other people’s lives, if not only to disconnect from the real world for a while.

Another fantastic story I can share with you about reading is the “Harry Potter” series, I was in my early 30`s and a girlfriend of mine lent me the book, and of course I was like, “this is for kids”, she said, “just read it!” And read it I did, I just globbed that series up whole!

As with many areas of life our likes and dislikes change, and nowadays I still love reading, books, real books, feeling them, changing the pages, highlighting them, and using my beautiful bookmarks that I have gathered throughout the years.

Reading I believe is one of the most enriching activities we can participate in. You can read a book to learn about something new, to become a better you, to go into a fantasy world, the options really are endless.

Finally, I must say that for students learning a second language reading must be key in a student’s acquisition of any language. So here’s to a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, a rainy day, a great book and a nice warm blanket. Cheers! Miss Dani

Here’s what some of our EnglishSmart students had to say about reading;

Mary Paz: “I like to read. When I read I try to visualize everything that the book explains.”

Diana: “I like to read because I guess that a book allows you to fly, and allows you to know about many places, many situations and many topics you may not know about. And it always allows you to learn something new.”

Abraham: “I enjoy reading short texts, as opposed to novels. For example, news tidbits or interesting facts..they are short and to the point and clear for me.”

Pati: “I like reading. I am trying to read at least an hour a day. I have about 5 books that I would like to finish this year, and I am reading about a chapter a day. When I finish these books I am going to look for a book in English, probably something like a drama or a suspense.”

Bianca: “I really like to read in Spanish, but it’s very tough for me in English. As there are alot of words that I don’t know...for example whatsoever, which is like whatever. It’s a good way to learn English, idioms, new vocabulary and sometimes it can help you to change your mind to understand the English structures, instead of Spanglish.”

Ernesto: “I believe that Ebooks are helpful for travel, however many of us have got used to feeling the paper and smelling the ink. For me reading is a special moment for myself, time to be with myself and my imagination. One of the benefits of reading is that It helps you to relax.”

WHAT ABOUT YOU? HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT READING? Share a comment with us here!