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5 jul. 2018 15:23
"Sólo con el corazón se puede ver bien. Lo esencial es invisible para los ojos." Antoine Saint Exupéry A few days ago I read your blog, so I was thinking about the messages of the words, like the article that you mentioned, your blog really caught my attention because I have seen your effort for your students, specially I can talk about me, because you teach with kidness and love, but above all, you are very patient. You teach me constantly, not only in my class, too in daily life, with your messages, jokes and boardgames.
28 jun. 2018 15:29
“There are just those special people that just come in and leave footprints forever, and she did that to everybody.” Said by; Blake Densmore I chose this quote to start this blog because it really caught my attention, and lately I have been trying to leave as many footprints behind as possible. This quote reminded me of a Mindfulness course I began about a year ago, where we were asked; “What will be said about you at your funeral?” Pretty good question to reflect upon, don’t you think?
13 jun. 2018 15:45
This has been my favorite topic of interest over the last couple of years! Have you ever heard about it? It’s a pretty interesting idea. Let’s start with this question; How often do you find yourself, I don’t know let’s say taking a shower and thinking about something like the meeting that’s coming up that day, what you are going to cook for dinner that night, what you said yesterday, and on and on we could go? Scientists have shown that we often spend more than 47% of our time not in the here and now. Pretty incredible isn’t it? In 2015 I attended an amazing conference in San Francisco, called Wisdom 2.0. Connecting technology and mindfulness, where I learned more about this way of life. My favorite definition on Mindfulness is; paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, non-judgmentally with kindness, I came up with this definition thanks to Jon Kabat-Zinn the person who began this movement, as well as, more recently a talk on Ted Talks by Shauna Shapiro.