Written by: Tiaré Paulina Torres Morales

Have you ever met someone you can trust? A person who will never judge you… Well, that happened to me last year.

When I arrived here to Queretaro, I was a little nervous because I was about to start a new life in a new city, you know, new school and new friends. I found an excellent English school and I started training soccer, everything was perfect until the pandemic arrived. No one could go out, it was totally forbidden. I think for many people those were the worst months. Time passed and some activities began again. My parents and my brothers started working, which meant that I had to be alone at home, doing my chores, playing video games… It was my daily routine.

I really missed my friends (those who live in Celaya) so I tried to talk to them but they always ignored me. When they made a plan, they didn’t tell me anything, their excuse was “we thought you wouldn’t want to come because you live far away”. I was sad but with or without them, my life had to go on!

It was in November when I met the best, best friend in the world! Well, thanks to my brother I met her. He was playing video games with her… “Who are you playing with?” I asked him. “Her name is Paola, maybe you could play together later” he answered. It was an excellent idea because I always play with men. I played with Paola and we talked a lot. We found out that we were like two peas in a pod! We love video games, tattoos, make-up, exercise and other things. When I met her, I was going through a very difficult family moment. As you know, the coronavirus ruined the economy and I was thinking about how to make money. I had the craziest ideas and I decided to tell her. For the first time I didn’t feel judged. She listened to everything I told her and then, she gave me the best advice: “YOU CAN MAKE BRACELETS”. So she taught me all about how to make them. Now, I have my little bracelets business and I can help my parents with a little money and all thanks to my best friend. Obviously, I help her too!

When she invited me to her house, I didn’t know if my parents would let me go. You know, she was a new person to them. My brother helped me, he talked to my parents and said that I would be fine, and guess what… He was right!! My parents let me go because they were happy to know that I already had an excellent friend. I don’t know if you know that when your parents say “I don’t like this person” it’s for a good reason. They’re always right and they know that this person will be bad company. It’s like their super power. With Paola it was different, my parents love her like a daughter. I went to her house and I met her family. I felt very happy! They treated me excellently and made me feel like part of their family. I celebrated her birthday with her and she celebrated mine with me. We became inseparable.

It doesn’t matter that she’s two years younger than me, she always teaches me something different each day. She’s like the sister I never had. We live in different cities, but that doesn’t stop us, we always look for a way to see each other for at least a few minutes. So if you think it must take a long time for a person to become your best friend, you’re wrong. A true friendship is not about saying “we’re best friends” it’s about supporting, listening, laughing, crying, and getting angry. People that I considered true friends, people that I had known for a long time, ignored me when I needed them most, but thanks to that, I could meet the best person in the world. Now you know, be careful with people you consider “best friends”, few people really know what a good friendship is.