How Fear Affects our Lives’ Happiness

How Fear Affects our Lives’ Happiness

One of the oldest feelings that human beings have had to learn to manage for a long time is fear. It is a feeling that keeps us alive from external threats. Human beings have learned to find the balance between fear and bravery to hunt or to find food for centuries, as they did in the past when dinosaurs or other wild animals existed.

Nowadays fear is hidden between other feelings but fear persists. Sometimes, for example, we are not able to identify why we can’t sleep or why we can’t manage some feelings if we don’t identify where they come from.

The majority of people fear, at one time or another, losing their job, their family, their partner, their house and sometimes their imagination gets the better of them.

Like everything in life, it’s easier said than done, however the first thing people need to do is notice our feelings in order to modify some behavior. If we are able to identify that what we are feeling is fear, it will make it easier to manage the fear.

And the biggest feeling and at the same time the most hidden is the fear of failure, as a result failure is the most important tool for human beings to learn new things. We have to fail if we want to grow and we have to find the balance between the risk of doing something and the worth that we can obtain from that. Above all we have to fail and learn and fail again and learn again, if not we will be on our way to being flat, to being bored and we will lose our capacity to discover new feelings and rediscover ourselves. So, let’s go fail again and again.