Writing with a Fountain Pen

Writing with a Fountain Pen

By: Luis Arroyo

Times change. We use smartphones, computers and most of the written information we share is digital.

But there are certain objects that no matter how much time passes, they stay the same.

One of those objects is the fountain pen. I started using one in March of last year, I never imagined how much I would enjoy using it.

When I started to write on paper (to say why deserves another article), I did it with gel pens. But it turns out that those pens don’t last. You can’t write a lot with them because the ink ends very quickly.

So, I didn’t want to spend much money on pens. At that time I was reading “What I talk about when I talk about running” by Murakami. In that book Murakami relates how he started writing and how he bought his first fountain pen.

I went to the famous (and for some people dangerous) “Tianguis de la Presidentes” here in Queretaro to see a place where I once saw some fountain pens and I bought an old Parker with a refiller.

It’s been more than a year since then, and I am now so accustomed to it, that when I write with a normal rollerball pen I feel weird.

I wanted to share with you some reasons why you should try writing with a fountain pen:


If you buy a pen and refill it. You will be saving all the plastic from which a pen is made. Remember that these small actions if made by everybody could be of huge impact.


It is much more comfortable not only than rollerballs but even more so than the gel ones. To write with a fountain pen is so soft, you only have to slide and you do not need to use a lot of pressure, so if you write a lot on paper I definitely recommend it to you.


If you buy your pen and a bottle of ink, it will last a long time. And I mean a lot, like 100 gel pens, probably more. The first investment is more, because a cheap fountain pen is more expensive than a normal pen. But it is worth it. I must say that although my initial goal was to save some money, I became addicted to fountain pens, so I now have four and have bought four bottles of ink. So that’s a risk! You might end up loving them so much that in the end you’ll spend more money.

The experience

Using a fountain pen is such an experience, with a ritual component. To open it, to refill it, and to take care of it. You’ll remember your fountain pen, and that doesn’t happen with Bic.

Your handwriting improves too: When I started thinking of writing with a fountain pen I found on the internet that it improves your handwriting. I don’t know why but my handwriting has actually improved a lot. Maybe it forces you to be more careful.


You will have access to a lot of ink colors. So, you can say goodbye to only black and blue. Fountain pens ink are one of the most interesting parts of the experience. You’ll find many slight variations of each color that will suit your taste.

So, those are some reasons to use a fountain pen. I think fountain pens are far away from becoming extinct.

I really recommend you give them a try. You can find them at Office Depot, Lumen, and on Amazon. If you want some advice feel free to contact me at: luiso119@hotmail.com