Chiapas is the Most Wonderful Place to Travel to!!!

Did you know that scenes of the movie “The Predator” were recorded in Chiapas?
I don´t know a lot of places in Mexico, but my husband’s friend recommended that we travel to San Cristobal de las Casas.
We arrived at Tuxtla Gutierrez, then we took a taxi. In 40 minutes we were in San Cristobal, its nickname is San Cris.
San Cris is a beautiful place! We walked through the main streets, there were so many tables with chairs where you can taste typical dishes.
The POZOL is a refreshing drink, of pre-Hispanic origin made of corn and cacao, it is served in a special pot called GUAJE.
The people are so kind with the travelers and the children are very funny!
We visited the waterfalls “Velo de novia”, the water is a turquoise blue, I have never seen water like this! We climbed a mountain and we saw incredible waterfalls, and to return you can take a zip line. At night we went to taste traditional beverages, like POX (corn´s liqueur) and TASCALATE (corn, cinnamon, achiote and cacao).
The next day was even more amazing! We sailed across the Cañon del Sumidero, the natural landscapes are awesome. There are so many crocodiles and monkeys. A monkey showed us his booty!!
Finally, we went to Montebello lagoons. We ate a delicious lunch called “QUESO RELLENO”. We took a balsa (a kind of raft), it was made of trunks. The water looks like a blue sky with turquoise colors. It feels so calm, peaceful and tranquil. You can see many big trees and colorful fish. Montebello is near Guatemala, then we walked a few steps and we visited a little Guatemalan house, there you can buy souvenirs and you can talk with Guatemalan people. I loved Guatemalan children!!!
There are more places to visit but unfortunately, we ran out of time!!!!
By the way, the scenes of the movie “The Predator” were recorded in MISOL HA waterfalls, in this place you can walk behind the waterfall, I imagine you could take some beautiful pictures there!
Surely I will go back, because I left my heart there!
A word from Miss Dani; A special thanks and recognition to Karina for her hard work and dedication to her English studies. This blog is evidence of a hard working student, teacher and school. Hopefully, all of our students will be motivated by Karina’s tenacity at achieving a very good level of English in only 10 months. Keep up the good work Karina and all of our students.

By Alma Karina Salinas Sánchez