Children’s Day

When it comes to Children’s Day most people think about celebrating their kids by buying them gifts. I would like to propose taking a look at Children’s day from another perspective.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to take a moment and go back in time and think about your past self? How would you feel if you were a kid once again? We sometimes forget what being a kid is like, which is totally understandable since we are now adults. 

How would your past self feel about who you are today? Would they be happy about it? Why or why not? People can often forget what it was like to be a kid and to be happy and carefree. So I propose we focus and find a way to get in touch with our inner child again.

These are some ideas I came up with for you to ponder over;

  1. Meditate. Find a quiet place and try to play some relaxing music so you can listen to it while trying to think about your past self and how you used to make yourself happy.
  2. Formulate a dialogue. It could be a letter or just an inner dialogue in which you can process your feelings or how you would have liked to have been told “I’m sorry” or “you’re enough” or something you think you needed as a kid. What would have made you feel safe and protected then?
  3. Time for forgiveness. While looking at pictures of yourself as a child, say sorry to your past self. Words of affirmation can also be a good idea to begin with “I love you”, “I hear you”, “Thank you” etc…
  4. Now it’s time for you to say goodbye. Think and write about what you loved doing when you were younger, make a checklist including all those things and now, let’s go and achieve all those things that you had forgotten about. Try to go back and comfort your inner child.

Don’t ever forget how valuable you were, are and will be. Enjoy Children’s Day by doing a different activity, being happy and loving yourself.

By: Belén Chávez