Just Be Yourself

Hello everyone, this is Bere from the Advanced Saturday’s group and today I want to tell you something that blew my mind. 

A week ago I was finishing a meeting with my boss when my phone started ringing. At that moment I thought it was Miss Mercy calling me to ask why I did not show up for class, but no, it was an old friend from my work telling me she had a fantastic opportunity for me. When she started telling me more about it I could not believe it, she was offering me the job of my dreams. Then guess what, I was working at another company so I had to think twice about taking the opportunity.

I took the whole day to think about it and only one question came to my mind: “Why me?” And that is the reason why I am writing this blog. 

From my experience, I can swear to you that I did not do anything amazing to get this opportunity. The only thing I did was to be myself and work on something that makes me feel complete. And life has put the right people in my path who have helped me grow and who believe in my abilities.

Guys, I invite you to not be afraid of doing something. I know life can be scary, but we only get one chance to do the things we want, so who cares? If you are sure you want to do something, then be the best at it. Do everything you can to do what makes you happy, and life will help you achieve your goals.

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope this blog helps you to gain more confidence.

By: Bere Tenorio