Feeling Appreciated and Loved

Dear Daniela,

A few days ago I read your blog, so I was thinking about the messages of the words, like the article that you mentioned, your blog really caught my attention because I have seen your effort for your students, specially I can talk about me, because you teach with kidness and love, but above all, you are very patient. You teach me constantly, not only in my class, too in daily life, with your messages, jokes and boardgames.

First of all, I believe that we have to teach by example and you do, that is the key. When I arrive to my class I know that most of the time you have a plan, but something change because I need to talk about a topic or I just didn’t do my homework (this is frequently) or not at all.

At the same time you are a wonderful human being, because you try to help other people to live better, as a result you are creating a better place for all. Certainly you have been leaving a lot footprints in your students, people around you, your family and your friends.

Honestly, some moments I wanted to give up learning English, because It’s quite difficult for me, since I was a child. I recognise that I have a bad memory and I should make an effort to learn more.

A gift that I received from you, it’s a open door that show me how people thinks (when I read an article), I am understanding better, when I travel, when I am working and I notice that I can keep a conference feeling more confident, when I am driving and I listen to a song that I had heard before, but suddenly I understand … It’s amazing …

I believe that a teacher is the most generous professions, because you share a piece of you. When I finished my degree in Engineering, I came back to my elementary school 12 years later and I invited my teacher to my final exam. After my exam with many synodal and I passed, she said to me “It’s the second exam that I have attended, my own final exam and your exam, thank you very much.”

So, these words with some mistakes are because I wanted to say “THANKS” I`m proud of you because you are a good teacher.



“Sólo con el corazón se puede ver bien. Lo esencial es invisible para los ojos.”
Antoine Saint Exupéry