From Student To Teacher

This month we are celebrating 17 years at Englishsmart and I couldn’t be happier. I’m going to share my experience with you as both a student and a teacher at this amazing place. 

It all began around 2013 when I took a year off in order to decide what to study, so I was looking for some English classes, and somebody told me about this school. I visited the school and was really charmed by Miss Dani´s attention. I entered a conversation class where I met a really cute girl and we became instant  friends. We were both the same age and had similar hobbies, so this is something that made my introductory experience into the school all the more fruitful. The majority of the people in the classes; teachers and classmates were pretty friendly too, so if you are lucky enough you won’t just learn English, but you will also create long lasting friendships. 

Later on, the school was looking for an office administrator, I applied and was hired, and I was later trained to become a teacher.  One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Englishsmart is my family, a place where I have grown since 2013. It’s not just an English school, it’s a place where you improve yourself as a person while you learn English. 

As a school we are always thinking about new ways to make the classes fun, and, as I mentioned before,  I have had the opportunity to participate in both roles, as a teacher and as a student, which has been paramount to the way I handle my classes. This school always makes you feel special, important, and we are always looking for new strategies to improve our lessons.

English has helped me my whole life. I have friends around the world and it’s been amazing to have the skill to be able to communicate through English. I always feel comfortable and confident while I am speaking and meeting new people, and being able to connect with different cultures has been amazing and all of this is thanks to EnglishSmart.

Another way English has helped me is definitely at work. I’m a nutritionist and all the medical papers I have to use are in English and now I don’t have to translate them. Another great advantage to speaking English is that it’s also easier to find a job. The reality is that a language is about practice, and what we practice everyday grows stronger, good or bad.

I have only positive thoughts about this amazing place and the amazing people I have met thanks to EnglishSmart. The laughs and everyday learning. The students are terrific!  I’m always grateful to them too.  Grateful for their interest in their classes, as well as a feeling of improvement and commitment to themselves. (some of them more than others hahaha, but no judging here) 

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite places ever! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn from the students, from the amazing team at EnglishSmart, and for finding another part of my personality. I’m super grateful to be a part of this one of a kind family. 

by Miss Michelle RV