What to do on another COVID Xmas?

By Belen Chávez

Since COVID started, the way we celebrate different holidays, special days or birthdays has completely changed; since zoom calls, netflix parties or just messages, it can be said humans have found many different ways to celebrate them.

However, we can still miss the interaction between our loved ones and ourselves and that’s completely normal, humans are social beings who need this, so don’t feel bad when this happens. Some people feel lonely and sad during this specific holiday; many people just can’t get over the loss of some loved ones, the anxiety the season creates for those who spend the day by themselves (because they’re far from home) and sometimes this can’t be helped, it just happens; because of this we the EnglishSmart team has decided to give you a couple of tips which we hope can help you feeling less lonely during this season and in your life in general.

Keep yourself busy and creative by joining an orphanage; help yourself and other people by spending time together and doing different activities. Some nursing homes may also be asking for help since not a lot of people can help them.

Join online activities; this may help by keeping your mind focused on something fun. There’ll be some events that you can sign up for such as carols, concerts, tv shows or some Xmas specials some tv channels offer.

Try to contact an old friend; if you think about it, a xmas message can be the perfect ice breaker. Who doesn’t love hearing from someone we know? So try to contact an old friend in order to reconnect with them.

Read a good book; this doesn’t necessarily have to be a xmas book but something that you like. Maybe a romance novel or a self care book which may provide you with new routines you could follow too!

Taking these ideas into consideration doesn’t mean the loneliness will disappear but it might help you feel less anxious or lonely during this season. Remember your feelings are precious and you don’t have to force yourself to avoid having them; reach out for therapy if you need to do so and don’t forget there are people who really love you and appreciate you in their lives. Without further ado, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.