Carbon Hacker

Climate change is one of the most complex issues facing us today. Science, economics, society and politics are all contributors in finding a solution for this global issue. Anyone can become a carbon hacker and  reduce the footprint (the impact on the environment) from the way we travel, to the electricity we use and the food we eat. We can make a difference!

Start with these five actions to be a carbon hacker:

1. Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle

There are a lot of facebook groups where you could change or buy (low-cost) preloved things (electronics, clothes, toys, materials, etc.) that reduce the manufacturing and transporting for those goods and embrace reuse culture. Also, depending on the city that you live in, different recycling programs exist where you could obtain products or services in exchange for glass, cans and bottles. Buy less and repair the things instead… It will help the environment and your pocket! 

2. Walk, cycle or take public transport

Carpooling is a good option for long distances, along with uber pooling or busing. If possible, walking or riding a bike instead of driving will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help your health and fitness. 

3. Save energy at home

Use less energy by switching to LED light bulbs and energy-efficient electric appliances, hanging things to dry instead of using a dryer and disconnecting devices that you are not using (like laptops or TVs).

4. Eat more vegetables

Eating more fruits, vegetables, grain and seeds daily, and reducing meat, can significantly lower your environmental impact. Producing plant-based foods generally results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

5. Speak up!

Finally, but no less important: Speak up and get others to join in taking action! All of us are able to change and improve some of our daily habits and understand why we need to change together as a society. 

I’m pretty sure that if we make small decisions in the right direction we could create a better world to live in. Together we are better!

By: Carmen Morgan