6 Tips to Improve your Wellness

Do you feel tired all the time? Is your stomach always bloated? Do you suffer from sleeping problems? A large portion of the population has these problems and they’re all related to healthy lifestyle habits. 

Would you like to know some easy cool habits that are going to help you improve your wellness? 

Well, it’s all about balance and moderation and I believe our bodies are fully capable of functioning optimally when we are loving and being gentle with ourselves. That includes paying attention to the food we provide our bodies and also paying attention to our thoughts. 

In this lifetime we are provided with only one body, and that body works nonstop for many years. How are you treating your body? Is it receiving enough food, water, exercise, rest, positive thoughts & love? Trust me you can treat your body better and solve the problems we mentioned earlier or just feeling energized and mentally capable.

My name is Michelle Rv. and I’m a nutritionist but I’m also an English teacher, and today I’m merging my two passions, so let me share some recommendations with you and at the same time have some fun learning and improving your English. 

1. Include all the food groups in your meals.
There is a simple way to know if you’re eating the correct amount of food. First step, 50% of your plate should consist of vegetables, 25% should be a source of protein. Here you have two options: protein that comes from animals like chicken, fish, beef, pork meat or your second option is to get the protein from legumes like: chickpeas, beans and peas. Legumes are an excellent source of fiber and protein. They are also a great choice if you are a vegetarian or vegan (if you are vegan I highly recommend you to visit a nutritionist for some supplements). And the other 25% has to be some kind of grains like rice, oats, and pasta, etc.

2. Eat more color: rainbow plate.
As I mentioned before, your plate has to be 50% vegetables, and you have to include as many colorful vegetables and fruits as you can.
Every color is going to provide a different vitamin or mineral. For example, green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin K and iron. Orange or yellow fruits and vegetables are full of carotenoids and vitamin C that are going to help us with our immune system. Purple and blue vegetables and fruits are a good source of antioxidants that support healthy aging.

So now you know that more color equals more nutrients. This is the best way to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need throughout the day. So instead of wasting your money on vitamins, you can start getting more color in your diet with more colorful fruits and veggies.  Here you have a chart with the main colors, food examples and the benefits.

3. Drink enough water.

We are made mostly of water so it’s important to get enough water. Our brain works better when we are hydrated, being thirsty is a sign of dehydration so you have to drink water before getting thirsty.
But, how to keep hydrated, I recommend you always have a bottle of water near you, this is going to remind you to drink the water. If you don’t like plain water you can add slices of orange, grapefruit or lime into your glass of water or rosemary and mint. Trust me, the flavor is amazing.

4. Sleep 8 hours a night. (at least)

Our body grows during our sleeping moments and some of the most important hormones are released at night. So giving ourselves 8 hours of sleep is really important. And having a good sleep is not always very easy.
I recommend that you stop looking at screens an hour before you go to bed.
Turn off the lights and do not have devices close to your bed. Have a light dinner and meditate before going to bed.

5. Stop eating ultra-processed food.

Nearly all food is processed, we need this food transformation to increase the durability of food.
The difference between processed food and ultra processed food is that these items are meant to be convenient, hyper-palatable, and low in cost and are typically high in sugars, refined grains, fats, preservatives, and salt. Ultra-processed, or highly processed foods typically contain substances you wouldn’t use in food preparation at home. Plus, they contain additives such as flavor enhancers and thickeners.
All of these additives are related to different kinds of sicknesses, especially in kids. So my advice is: If it has more than 5 ingredients and those ingredients that are hard to pronounce (like a tongue twister) . It’s an ultra processed product and I would not recommend it.

6. Green juice in the morning.

Having a green juice is a great way to consume enough vegetables during the morning and add more fiber to your diet.

Green juice floods your body with nutrients, fiber and hydratation that are easily absorbed in your digestive system.
What are the key points to approach the benefits from the green juice?

  1. Add just one portion of fruit.
  2. Drink it on an empty stomach.
  3. Add a couple of drops of lime juice.
  4. Include green leafy vegetables and use different vegetables during the week.

So now you know, having a glass of water as soon as you wake up and then a glass of green juice is an excellent way to start your morning.

I can continue talking about different tips and ways to improve your wellness, but sadly this is the end of July’s blog. Hope you all enjoyed it and learnt not only some new words, but also some great tips on a healthier lifestyle.

Michelle N. Rv.

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