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Hello everyone!

Welcome to our blog. We are students at EnglishSmart in the beginner’s course. We are Mundo, Nelcy, Fer, Richard, Rafa, Ray, George and Mercy. We are a small, but amazing group, & we love each other and enjoy sharing about our lives in our class.

This month we are the people in charge of writing the blog and we have decided to use April’s theme “Health.” So, get ready because we have some common remedies for you that you can use when you feel under the weather or if you are coming down with something.

Common remedies are usually made with easy ingredients that you can find at home. We want to write about this topic because we find it easy, interesting and all these remedies have been passed down from generation to generation, so they are part of our culture. You may find some of them a little bizarre, but hey, they work haha, most of the time. Please remember, if you ever feel really bad it’s probably best to go and see a doctor or a specialist. These remedies are just used to help prevent illnesses and/or to make you feel better, they are here to help you in the short term, but if the illness persists, please go to your doctor.

We have picked some sicknesses and here are our recommendations, remember we have learnt about them during our trips, grandparents, parents or even friends.


Girls, for those days when you never know if you want to laugh, cry or scream, we have some tips for you, but remember, if this is something constant during your menstruation, go with your gynecologist because it’s not normal and you may need a further checkup.

  • First you can try laying facedown on the bed.
  • You can also warm up some water and pour it in a bottle, then you put that one on your belly.
  • Another thing you can try is, warm up some tortillas and put them on your belly. They need to be as hot as possible so it works better.
  • And finally, you can make a “ruda” herbal tea (​​Ruda Plant, commonly known as rue or herb-of-grace) with a piece of Chocolate Abuelita. You must drink it as hot as possible.

The flu

This one may look a little bizarre but it actually works, according to one of our classmates. If you feel low and you have lots of mucus, you should try this remedy:

  • First you have to peel a purple onion and then slice it up.
  • Then peel two garlic cloves.
  • Continue putting all the ingredients in the blender with the juice from a lime. 
  • After that, blend in at a low speed and strain.
  • Finally you need to drink it as fast as possible without smelling it.

A cold

This one may look like just chicken soup, but remember the trick is that it’s made with love and this one goes straight to our hearts, and our bellies, of course.

  • First get some chicken, carrots, onions, potatoes, chayotes and green beans.
  • Wash the ingredients, peel them (if necessary) and cut them in cubes.
  • In a big pot pour some water, and boil the chicken.
  • Once the chicken is almost done, add the vegetables and your spices and wait for it to boil.
  • Finally, you can eat it hot and we promise you will actually start feeling better after eating it.


So I got this recipe from my nose-throat doctor, it might seem like a weird trick but it actually works, so here are the steps to follow:

  • First you need some animal fat and you will mix it with baking soda
  • Then you spread it on the bottom of your feet and you cover it with aluminum paper
  • Finally you cover your feet with socks and you let it work

A bruise

To cure bruises made at home from furniture or other objects while you walk or do some exercise:

  • First cut an aloe leaf
  • Next, carefully remove the gel from inside of the leaf.
  • Then clean the gel from the aloe vera with water to remove some waste
  • After apply the gel on the bruise and keep it uncovered
  • Finally let the gel absorb into your skin


Have you ever suffered from a little burn because of an accident? Maybe while cooking or making use of fire. We have the perfect remedy for you:

  • First you need to get some toothpaste or mustard
  • Second you need to open the product and spread it on the burn, make sure that you are covering the whole area
  • Finally let the product do its work until you feel relieved

A mosquito bite

To prevent mosquito bites you can take in consideration the following recommendations, we learnt about the shampoo in one little town in Mexico.

  • Put on a bit of shampoo on your hand and then spread it over your skin like cream.
  • Cut a half of a lime and squeeze it, and spread it over your skin like cream. As a recommendation it’s just a few drops of lime juice.

Stomach ache

You can use this remedy when your stomach feels a little off.

  • First you need to open a coke
  • Then cut a lime
  • Pour the coke in a glass and squeeze the lime in it
  • Mix everything
  • And finally you drink it and enjoy it because it actually tastes good.

We have reached the end of our blog. Have you ever tried any of these remedies before? If you have, let us know in the comments! In our experience these remedies have worked successfully for us. We think that these are excellent remedies since they are passed down from generation to generation.

We are really grateful to you for taking the time to read us and to EnglishSmart for sharing this space with us as students. See you next time!!!

Written by,

The beginners group: Mundo, Nelcy, Fer, Richard, Rafa, Ray, George and Mercy