Did you know that EnglishSmart is located in Querétaro, a tourist state where we can find various different and beautiful places to visit? Whenever we go away or visit a tourist place, one of the most important things on any trip is going to be the place where we will stay. Hotels or hostels are one of the things that will be memorable from our trips. Of course, we will find some better than others, and we may even come across unforgettable places. We believe rest could be one important aspect for any trip in order to enjoy all the activities on the trip, especially if you are looking forward to a more relaxing holiday where you may even want to sleep in. 

Booking and reserving a place to stay is usually an interesting and dynamic task, but it is one of the most fundamental elements of our trips. Of course we want friendly and efficient service, especially when checking in and out. Location is definitely another important factor to consider during the planning stage, along with a hotel’s amenities. What do you look for the most when booking a hotel?

Nowadays, we have tons of options that assist us in the task of booking a hotel; websites and apps, along with guests comments and pictures to help us make better informed decisions when choosing. The variety is endless, we can find anything from a one bedroom to an executive suite. Which internet site do you use when researching?

Getting back to hotels and our incredibly beautiful Querétaro.  It is the city with the most tourism in the state, in which there are great and historical places to stay. One example of a great historical hotel in Querétaro is the “Hotel Hidalgo,” before becoming a hotel it was a 19th century mansion.

Other popular spots close to Querétaro with interesting and original styles of hotels are Peña de Bernal, Tequisquiapan and San Miguel. Peña de Bernal is a great tourist place and one of the greatest attractions in the world, one of its best hotels is “hotel de piedra”, it has a pool that allows us to enjoy the beautiful landscape. San Miguel has an iconic 5 star hotel known for it’s delicious Brunch Buffet called “The Rosewood” as well as a popular luxury hotel named “Live Aqua Urban Resort.” Now we must clarify San Miguel is also a pretty expensive place to book so it may be something to consider when deciding where to stay, however it might be a great spot to choose if you are hoping to celebrate an important event like a wedding anniversary or an engagement.

In short, you cannot miss the experience of exploring Querétaro and its wonderful places to stay. EnglishSmart is in one of the best states in Mexico where everything will always be magnificent for your experience and your memories.

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