The World Cup

Hi everyone and welcome to Blog week 2. Did you give any thought to MINDFULNESS?

So of course being the soccer lover that I am I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by, especially since Mexico beat Germany this past Sunday 1-0, WOW!!! And to top it all off on father’s day, a super gift for all Mexican dads, including mine. What a sport! Soccer has played an important role in my life; thanks to soccer I met my husband. Also, my son Emilio is an amazing player, and of course his dream is to follow in Messi’s shoes one day. This blog is even more special than usual as I asked my students to participate in writing on the topic with me.

“One of my students wrote a factual kind of reflection, let’s take a read. The World Cup is the most important soccer tournament in the world. It’s celebrated every 4 years in a different country. Mexico has hosted the World cup two times (here we could also say; on two different occasions) and they will host it again for a third time with the USA and Canada in 2026.” Thanks for sharing Marco M.

“For people who enjoy soccer this is a time that we can share our passion for the game with others. As in the Olympic Games, the whole world is talking about what’s happening. It is a great moment to watch maybe one of the best generations of players in soccer history for Mexico and for the rest of the teams which are playing this year. The match between Mexico and Germany was so exciting because we have never beaten them. Another great match was the match between Portugal and Spain; it was one of the best matches I have seen recently.” Thanks for your reflection Edgar R.

Next up is Pablo C who I know is an avid tennis fan, but it also seems that he enjoys soccer too. “I was very excited about the game, about the players, and about the next matches. It was not only an incredible game, but it was also a historic game. Many records were broken on Sunday, for example; Mexico didn’t lose its first match since 1994, and another example is that this is the first time in FIFA history that Mexico defeats Germany. Another record broken was that Rafa Marquez played his fifth World Cup, and there are only 3 or 4 other players in history who have achieved this. Finally, it is the first game in many years that Germany didn’t score a goal in the first match of the World Cup.”

Finally, thanks for writing Lucia S, even though you aren’t a soccer fan. “I am not a soccer fan but when the World Cup is going on I like to watch the matches. Sunday morning I called my father to congratulate him on Father’s day and then we made a bet about the score. He guessed 1-0 for Mexico, and I bet that they would tie. At half time we called each other again to laugh about his wager. In the end, Mexico won the match and my whole family was happy about that.”

What do you know about the World Cup? Do you enjoy soccer? What’s your favorite tam? Who do you think will win the World Cup 2018? I will be back to write a follow up on this blog to summarize both mine and my students’ thoughts on the topic. Enjoy you Wednesday! With love,

Miss Dani.